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Accounting Services

Accounting Advisory Services

Transactional Services - General Ledger Bookkeeping/Recording

  • In business, transactional accounting is considered to be the backbone of any business and its finances. It involves the tracking and recording of every transaction event that takes place within the business.
  • Our office provides transactional accounting services for businesses that wish to bolster their performance and growth trajectory with concrete numbers and expert analysis. Let us help you manage your company's accounting function

Financial Statement Preparation and Analysis

  • Financial statement preparation is the most important step in accounting because it represents the purpose of financial accounting.
  • They tell you the performance and the value of your company.
  • They are what others are using to measure your company.
  • They are necessary to gauge how well your business performed and the foundation upon which you make important business decisions. 
  • From a simple business loan application to a complex financial report, Richardson Accounting & Tax can help put together the necessary statements you need quickly and efficiently.

 Payroll Processing and Compliance

  • Payroll Processing - The payment of wages by a company to its employees may sound simple but the steps involved in payroll processing can become complex. There are many behind-the-scenes steps that need to take place before the actual processing begins. 
  • Payroll Tax Compliance - When it comes to payroll, paying employees is the number one task, but filing payroll taxes is an extremely important measure that must be accurate and filed on time, or an employer can incur expensive penalties.
  • Our experienced professionals can handle simple to complex payroll processing, whether it's for one or multiple companies, in one or multiple states.

Accounting System Evaluation & Implementation 

  • One of the greatest challenges faced by all businesses is the selection &implementation of an accounting softwaresystem. Selecting the right solution requires a comprehensive knowledge of an organization's business operations, including day to day processes.
  •  The right software can be transformative for your business, creating a strong foundation for future growth. The advisory team at Richardson Accounting & Tax can aid with all phases, from selection to implementation to staff training. Whether its Quickbooks, Sage, Oracle, or any other accounting package, we can create a project scope to meet your needs.

Tax Preparation Services

Tax Advisory Services

Transactional Services - Preparation and Compliance

  • Tax regulations and requirements are complex and constantly changing. Individual income and expenses, business transactions, and investments all create tax consequences. Our tax services stay abreast of changing regulations and we work with our clients to ensure tax reporting requirements and deadlines are met on time and adhere to current tax standards.
  • Tax compliance is all about filing correctly according to tax guidelines and laws. These guidelines dictate how an individual or business has to file taxes. Mistakes in filing can result in large fines or even prison time if the mistakes are egregious. 
  • Our team has spent decades perfecting their knowledge of tax regulations, providing clients with accurate filing services and advice. We maximize your deductions and savings while remaining accurate and compliant with regulations. We also educate clients on tax planning techniques, allowing them to stay one step ahead and plan for future success. 

Tax Controversy & Dispute Resolution

  • Tax law can be complex and uncertain and with each new development in the tax environment, the context for resolving tax disputes changes. New legislation, pressure on tax receipts, pressure on businesses to add value and manage cash — there is always a risk that revenue authorities have a different opinion as to how the taxation law applies to a tax position. For companies, this could result in a position of conflict that requires strategy and expertise to navigate. 
  •  We’re here to help clients prevent disputes before they arise, manage controversies which may arise, and resolve challenges by tax authorities in an efficient and effective manner. We combine technology with human capabilities, leverage data analytics and cloud-based technology, for clients who are inundated by tax audits.
  • Our experienced tax professionals can work with you to develop strategies for handling examination issues; effectively present and argue complex tax positions; and manage and resolve tax disputes, controversies, and other procedural matters. 


Other Services

Management Advisory Services

Transactional/Recurring Services - A/R & A/P Management

  • As integral functions in any business organization, accounts receivable & accounts payable processes are key components in maintaining internal controls and protecting your cash flow. Timely receipt of payments as well as accurate payments to vendors builds trust with your customers and vendors and increases confidence in you as a business partner Payroll Processing and Compliance.
  • Our team of specialists have deep experience in accounts receivable and accounts payable processes. Our services are performed with high accuracy and detailed processing by qualified accountants.

Payroll Processing and Compliance

  • Payroll Tax Compliance - When it comes to payroll, paying employees is the number one task, but filing payroll taxes is an extremely important measure that must be accurate and filed on time, or an employer can incur expensive penalties.

CFO/Controller Services

  • When an entrepreneur’s vision transforms into a profitable venture, continued success depends not only on proper financial management, but a strategic and innovative approach.
  • Our outsourced CFO/Controller services - accounting department management, tax planning, cash flow management, financial planning and budgeting, profit improvement solutions, and compliance monitoring, is a way to help you deal with some of the nuances that a growing company may face.

H/R Advisory Services

  • Workplace Policies - H/R policies are the guidelines that businesses put in place to hire, train, assess, and reward the members of their workforce. These policies can serve to preempt many misunderstandings between employees and employers about their rights and obligations in the business place.
  • Payroll Administration - Taking care of tasks on your business’ payroll checklist is a full-time job in and of itself. Having access to an HR support team that manages all the moving parts—including time-tracking, benefit deductions, payroll tax filing, reporting, and more—frees up time for you to focus on business strategy.
  • Staff Development/Training - Organizations must upskill to become more agile and fulfill skill gaps. And it’s imperative they upgrade the learning experience to meet workforce expectations.
  • Training is an event. Learning is a journey. From onboarding new employees to soft skills training for employee development, we have the capabilities to help you deliver.


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